04/20/15 – Praying and Watching

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2 Corinthians 11:1-33


This is the last of six blog posts I’ve done on Corinthians, and I must admit I am very relieved to be done. The people of Corinthians sound a lot like us, the problems of Corinthians sound a lot like ours, and the admonitions of Paul hit close to home. We’ve been given the gift of the Holy Spirit, we’re living in a relationship with Jesus Christ, and yet we’re living like this?!?!?! We so often forget what it means to live like people of the Spirit and instead we live like we want and try to spiritualize it.


As we’ve been going through these two books over the last two months, I’ve been asking the question, “What does it mean to be a person of the Spirit” and then I pray, and watch. I wish I had some sort of grand revelation to share with you, some sort of stirring answer that helps make sense of everything, but I don’t. Yet I think my desire to find some sort of grand revelation is intimately linked to how easy it is for me to get thrown off track. Jesus is the grand revelation, and yet I’m looking for something else, something different. Something that fits what I want. So I pause, and seek forgiveness for wanting something other than Jesus, and then I start again:   I pray and I watch.


Eastertide is the season we’re in right now, and part of Eastertide is about anticipating the gift of the Holy Spirit. We’re in the season of the church calendar where the whole church is preparing for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Can I be honest with you? I don’t know what that means. I know how Advent prepares us for the birth of Christ, and I know how Lent prepares us for the death and resurrection of Christ, but I don’t know how Christmastide prepares us for the Epiphany and I don’t know how Eastertide prepares us for Pentecost.


And I also don’t know how to take those moments in the church calendar and translate them in a way where they would matter to you, today, in Bellingham in 2015.  Maybe a little, but not much.   So I pray and I watch.


I read something by Richard Rohr that succinctly described something that I’ve seen and felt over the last six weeks. “After conversion, you don’t look out at reality; you look out from reality. In other words, God is not ‘out there’; you are in God and God is in you. You are in the middle of Reality!” I find those words very comforting as I pray and I watch. When I pray about what it means to be a person of the Spirit, I am not praying to God so much as I am praying with God. I am not watching for God so much as I am watching with God. The Spirit is in me and I am in the Spirit. Some days are easier than others.


I pray and I watch.

Matt McCoy
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